Toyota VVT-i Controller Part Diagrams

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Toyota VVT-i Controller Part Diagrams - here are some diagrams for VVT-i on Toyota car, VVT-i, short for Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence, is a technology that maximize an engine’s performance by optimizing both the timing of the air intake and in dual VVT-i engines, exhaust depending on whether you are accelerating, cruising, passing of just idling.

controller consists of an outer housing that is driven by the timing chain sprocket, and a vane subassembly that is coupled to intake camshaft. The oil pressure sent from the advance or retard side passage of the intake camshaft causes rotation of the VVT-i controller vane subassembly relative to the timing chain sprocket to vary the valve timing continuously (steplessly). When the engine stops, the VVT-i controller is locked to the most retarded angle by its lock pin. This ensures engine stability.

Toyota VVT-i Controller Part Diagrams

Toyota VVT-i Controller Part Diagrams

The above schematic diagram shows the Toyota VVT-i controller which composed of Timing Rotor, Outer Housing, Lock Pin, Timing Chain Sprocket and Intake Camshaft.

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